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Youth Involvement

The purpose of this unit is to examine the actions that will help an organization use the energy and talents of a younger generation in such a way that the organization continues to carry out its goals.

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The following organizations have additional materials that are helpful for involving youth.

Organization Website Comments
Laidlaw Foundation
  • Has information on youth programming.
Youth on Board
  • Excellent resources for involving youth in decision making.
Federation Veneta
  • Website for organization that has successfully involved youth in its programs.
  • Youth leadership training.
United Nations Association in Canada
  • Youth For Diversity
    Networking Young Leaders.
Youth Environmental Network (YEN)
  • Networking youth environmentalists.
Youth Action Network (YAN)/ Action Jeunesse
  • Initiatives for Canadian Youth. A youth non-profit organization.
The Students Commission
  • Creates opportunities for young people.
  • YMP empowers youth to contribute to international and community humanitarian efforts.