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Conflict Resolution

The purpose of this unit is to provide information on, and develop understanding of, the process of conflict resolution.

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Below are sources for additional information on conflict resolution.

Organization Website Comments
Personality Test Center
  • It is a fun place to take Myers-Briggs type tests. User friendly.
Conflict Resolution Network of Canada
  • It is associated with Conrad Grebel College, University of Waterloo.
Conflict Resolution Information, University of Colorado
  • A gateway to conflict resolution resources. Excellent resource.
United Way of Canada
  • Board development resources.
International Center for Conflict Resolution and Mediation (ICCRM)
  • Encourages communities to use mediation and conflict resolution.
Peacemakers Trust
  • An organization dedicated to research and education on conflict resolution and peacebuilding.
Conflict Mediation Services of Downsview
  • A non-profit charitable organization that helps understand and resolve conflict.
Madonik, Barbara "I Hear What You Say, But What Are You Telling Me?"
Thomas, Kenneth W. and Ralph R. Killmann. "Conflict Mode Instrument."
Shaw, Jim "Managing Conflict so Everybody Wins."