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Appendix 1: Ice Breakers

For Introductions

Introduction of participants at the beginning of the workshop: Ask the group to find a partner and in 2 minutes find out as much as information as possible about each other. Then after the two minutes is up, ask the participants to regroup. Go around the room and, one at a time, have each of the participants introduce and relay the information they learned about their partner.

To Create Discussion

When introducing a Unit topic, get a flip chart and marker, write the topic and have the group separate into smaller groups, approximately three per group, have them brainstorm the meaning of the unit topic. For example, Media Relations, what does that mean to you? What do think of when you hear the term 'media relations'? Or what words do you think of? Give the groups approximately 5 minutes. Then have one person from the group present their group's ideas and words, 1 minute per group. As the facilitator, write on a flip chart the words expressed by each group. After each group has presented, refer to the flip chart and discuss with the group what they came up with, why, what it means, then proceed to introduce the Unit.