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The purpose of this unit is to provide an overview of ways ethnocultural organizations can define and implement advocacy programs that create positive social change for their constituencies.

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Following are sources of additional information on conducting advocacy campaigns.

Organization Website Comments
Institute for Media Policy and Civil Society
  • Canadian organization with resource materials on how to influence public policy.
National Network for Health
  • Has an on-line advocacy planning handbook that deals with tobacco and youth. Clear and to the point, it covers all aspects of an advocacy campaign.
Canadian Society of Association Executives
  • A Guide to Government Relations for Directors of Not-For-Profit Organizations.
Peace, Earth, and Justice News
  • An Activist Toolkit.
Voluntary Sector Initiative
  • Publication: A Code of Good Practice on Policy Dialogue.
Ginsler & Associates Inc.
  • Online Advocacy Resources for non-profits.
Pov net
  • Advocates and advocate training and education tools, guides, kits.